January 26, 2020

Super chuffed with my new profile and voice reel created by my terrific new voice agents. Check it out by clicking on this link:


January 21, 2020

So pleased to have just signed with voice agent Damn Good Voices! Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship. 😎😎👌

December 7, 2019

Just finished a very cool corporate film for Swiss bank Pictic. Many thanks to director Luc Edwards and the team at TVC productions. 😎

November 1, 2019

Terrific working with the guys from Imperial College on a corporate medical film. 

October 30, 2019

 Great to see this little YouTube ad go live for the guys from Expert Market

October 3, 2019

Chuffed to be palying Teddy Barrowman in this episode of Doctors

September 1, 2019

Had a terrific day working with my dear friend and talented actor Jet Summan on his short film Damage. 

September 1, 2019

Great to be working with MVT for a couple of cool 😎 ads for YouTube 

August 10, 2019

So pleased to share this very cool and funny BT Sport promo. 

August 4, 2019

Cool to be involved in the Lumen dating app. campaign - even if it is for the 50+ market!

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Damn Good Voices Profile and Reel

January 26, 2020

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